Sunday, October 10, 2010

My disastrous meatloaf experience.

So. I have never eaten meatloaf in my life.
Well, I have an addiction to Pioneer Woman, and she has this supposedly amazing meatloaf.
So, I thought, why not?
So, I defrost 2 lbs of meat.
And get started.

The first step said to soak 6 peices of bread in some milk. So I did it.
Then it said to mix soaked bread with meat, parmesan cheese, and some other stuff.
Well. Chelsy didn't read this piece of information. And threw the meat into the bowl with the milk.
And I started mixing.

And it turned into a bowl of MUSH.
it was disgusting.
So, there went dinner
and 2 lbs of meat.
which is a lot of money for a college student.

So, we had quesadillas.
That was my first real EPIC fail in the kitchen.
I'm sure there will be more!


  1. Chelsy, this is your friend Jennifer from Frisco. has an amazing meatloaf recipe and it is very easy. I can just tell you. 2lbs. of beef, chicken stovetop stuffing, barbecue sauce, and water. Not sure how much barbecue sauce or water, though. On Bethenny Frankel's skinny girl website she has healthy turkey meatloaf, and it was actually some of the best I've ever had. Plus it was very healthy and low in fat. Pioneer woman has some complicated recipes! I like the easy stuff better :)

  2. oh chelsy you are too funny! I'm not a real meatloaf fan in the first place, but it sounds like (had you read the directions through before hand) that it would have been yummy. I bet you are a great cook and greg is lucky to have you :)